Mason City Schools Athletic Mission Statement: We believe as an athletic department at the interscholastic level in focusing on the formation of young women and young men into individuals who are intellectually, spiritually, socially and morally balanced and mature.

We believe in striving to:

- Uphold the educational goals of the institution under the direction of the institution’s administration. The concept of “student-athlete” must be maintained and emphasized within the Athletic Department

- Complement the academic goals of the school district by nurturing promising student-athletes, demanding of them a dedication to, and pride in, academic achievement while providing them the opportunity and assistance to succeed

- Assure the opportunity for all students to participate actively in a viable athletic program, and to provide them the qualified coaches and supervisors whose goal is to make them better students, athletes and citizens of their community. With this, to instill a special pride in our graduating athletes: pride in being a part of the school district’s athletic history and family

- Assure that the facilities, equipment and competitive opportunities are maintained to attract and retain quality student-athletes, and to sustain a commitment to the physical, educational and moral development of all student-athletes

- instill in coaches, staff members and athletes the desire, willingness and dedication needed to win, to take pride in winning, to accept defeat with dignity, and to understand and live with principles of good sportsmanship and humility while always projecting an image of class

- Assure that the athletic department strives to provide the school district and the local community with a successful, honorable, exciting and reputable athletic program, which dramatically demonstrates the ideals of leadership and commitment to excellence



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